About us

I inherited the passion for shoes from my mother.

For her, the shoe shopping was a whole ritual: she rushed to the stores, tried couple of pairs in each store and then choose 2-3 models. The acquisition itself had been performed the next day; had to pass one night to make the decision - "sleep on it" and she would have wear those shoes year after year with great pleasure.

"Guban" enlightened my childhood. I tried for hours my mother's shoes, looking in the mirror and feeling like a princess. I couldn’t wait to grow up...


And I grew up, I inherited the passion, but in a different way.

I buy on the spot, when I see a pair of shoes that I love, my face glows, my eyes sparkle and I choose!

But almost any chosen model suffers some changes; whether I have to place an order as I wear very small sizes, choose another color or another heel or the strap has to be different...


For years I bought and modified. Until one day when I realized that I have so many ideas for sandals and shoes.... that.... I had to do it myself!

Easier said than done! But nothing is impossible when the passion is so strong.



I hope that through our creations you will feel exactly the same joy I felt as a child when I walked through the house in my mother's "Guban".

Coco Chanel said that "a woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

I would dare to fill by saying “I feel so sexy in good shoes!”