How to buy?

In order to navigate or view our products it is not absolutely necessary to authenticate. However, the authentication is mandatory in order to place an order.


Please press the link „new account” placed in the right part of our site page in order to create your own account (please fill in carefully all the requested data, the fields marked with „*” being mandatory).

If you already have an account, please log in in order to add the products into your shopping cart.


Steps to launch and finalize the payment of an order:

1.    Access the „Boutique on-line” section in order to choose the products.

2.    Choose the favorite product from all our sections

3.    Choose size and color

Once you have chosen the size, right below the name and code of the product, one of 2 messages will appear:

-         „delivery in 48 hours” if the product is in stock or

-         „delivery in 7 days” if the product is out of stock and we need to start producing it

In case there are discrepancies between the information from the table and the message shown, please press F5 for refresh.

The delivery is free of charge in Romania, no matter of the quantity of pairs bought or if the delivery needs to be done in 2 phases (48 hours and 7 days). 

4.    The next step is click on „ Add to the shopping cart”

With this click, you actually open an order and add the desired quantity.

In case you choose a bigger quantity then the one available in stock (delivery in 48 hours), a new message will be showed right under the name and details of the product ordered.  This message will inform you about the quantity that is available for delivery within 48 hours and the quantity that need to be produced and delivered in 7 days. This way, you can adjust your order if needed.

In order to add new products into the shopping cart, you need to press again the „Boutique on line” button or press „Continue shopping”. Your cart will keep information about your previous choices. In case not, please press F5.

Modify quantity or delete a product from the cart

Once you have finished, press the „Shopping cart” and you will be able to see its content, modify quantities or delete products. 

5.      Then select „Payment methods” and choose „Card”

Read carefully „Terms and conditions” of this online buying platform. You will not be able to continue unless you accept them.

6.      To finish an order please press „ Send order”

Once you pressed this button, you will be redirected to Mobilbay secured page where you’ll need to introduce you card details.

If you press the „Hanami Way” section, you will be able to see the details of your order.

A confirmation email will be sent on your login email account.

We will be informed automatically about your order and we’ll start processing it and prepare delivery as promised.

If you need more information or have difficulties accessing sections of our site, you may contact us on email in order to get our help.

Because of the firewalls and antivirus protection systems, we recommend using F5 each time you notice discrepancies or encounter any issues.


Thank you.